Nigeria crowned 2019 DHL Africa Cup Champions

Nigeria soared to their first-ever DHL Africa Cup when they avenged last year’s defeat to South Africa in the final.

The thrilling final climaxed during extra-time with goals aplenty but it was to be Nigeria’s day and they can hold their heads up high.

Earlier in the day, South Africa had to rely on penalty-kick wins over Mozambique and Senegal to progress to the semi-finals and final respectively.

Nigeria, on the other hand, scored convincing wins over Southern Africa and Angola. The Super Eagles looked determined to settle the score after last year’s final.

Senegal, who lost to Southern Africa in the semi-finals, claimed the Shield final and third place after beating Angola 2-0.

It was also to be double delight for Nigeria with the ladies taking the Cheerleading honours, which will see Nigeria partying way into the night at the legendary DHL Africa Cup post-tournament function.

Mauritian striker, Yugesh Bulatoo, took the famed Golden Boot award with his six goals and he’ll back for more next year.

Well done to all the participating teams that made the 2019 DHL Africa Cup so special, and DHL looks forward to sharing some great memories again in 2020.